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Maitland, Cape Town


Maitland at a glance

Maitland is a diverse and well-connected suburb located in Cape Town, South Africa. Known for its industrial history and mix of residential and commercial developments, Maitland has undergone transformation in recent years, attracting a blend of residents and businesses.

Historical Significance:

Maitland has a rich historical background, with its industrial roots dating back to the early 20th century. The suburb played a crucial role in Cape Town's industrialization and continues to reflect elements of its industrial heritage.

Residential Diversity:

In addition to its industrial landscape, Maitland offers a mix of housing options, including apartments and townhouses. This diversity attracts a range of residents, from young professionals to those seeking affordable housing in close proximity to the city center.

Commercial and Industrial Hub:

Maitland remains an important industrial and commercial hub, housing a variety of businesses, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. The suburb's strategic location, near major transport routes, contributes to its appeal for industrial activities and logistics.

Transportation Connectivity:

Maitland benefits from excellent transportation links, including access to major highways and rail infrastructure. This connectivity enhances the suburb's accessibility and facilitates the movement of goods and people.

Cultural and Creative Spaces:

The suburb has seen the emergence of creative spaces and artistic initiatives, adding a cultural dimension to Maitland. Art studios, galleries, and creative businesses contribute to the vibrant atmosphere and sense of community.

Urban Regeneration:

Maitland has undergone urban regeneration efforts, with initiatives aimed at revitalizing certain areas and repurposing industrial spaces. This has led to a transformation of the suburb, attracting new businesses and residents.

Community Engagement:

The community in Maitland actively engages in local events, cultural activities, and initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of belonging. The diverse population contributes to the neighborhood's unique character.

Affordability and Accessibility:

Maitland's affordability, coupled with its proximity to the Cape Town city center, makes it an attractive option for those seeking convenient urban living without the high costs associated with central locations.

Green Spaces and Parks:

While primarily an urban area, Maitland features some green spaces and parks where residents can enjoy outdoor activities and community events.

Economic Contributions:

The industrial and commercial activities in Maitland play a significant role in contributing to the local economy and providing employment opportunities for residents.

In summary, Maitland is a dynamic and evolving suburb that blends its industrial past with contemporary urban living. Its accessibility, cultural initiatives, and ongoing urban regeneration make it an intriguing and diverse part of Cape Town.

1 Commercial Properties To Let in Maitland
From R180 per m² to R180 per m²
11417sqm Call Centre Office Space to let in Maitland
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11,417m² Office To Let in Maitland

65 Voortrekker Road
Large corporate call centre space to let in Maitland, Cape Town. The office space features the below: - Office...
1 Industrial Properties Industrial For Sale in Maitland
From R7,350,000 to R7,350,000
1420sqm Warehouse for sale in Maitland
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1,420m² Warehouse For Sale in Maitland

70 8th Avenue
Warehouse for sale in 8th Avenue, Maitland. The warehouse features the below: - Secure business park -...
10 Industrial Properties Industrial To Let in Maitland
From R55 per m² to R95 per m²
386sqm Warehouse to let in Maitland
14 Photos Mapped Video
R36,670 pm

386m² Warehouse To Let in Maitland

733 Voortrekker Road
386sqm Warehouse to let on Voortrekker Road at Maitland Industrial Business Park. The warehouse features the...
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