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Airport Industria, Cape Town


Airport Industria at a glance

Airport Industria is a strategically located industrial zone near Cape Town International Airport in South Africa. Known for its logistical advantages and industrial infrastructure, Airport Industria plays a crucial role in supporting trade, manufacturing, and distribution activities in the Western Cape region.

Logistical Hub:

As its name suggests, Airport Industria is situated in close proximity to Cape Town International Airport, making it a key logistical hub. The strategic location facilitates efficient transportation of goods by air, land, and sea, contributing to the suburb's significance in regional and international trade.

Industrial and Commercial Activities:

The suburb is characterized by a mix of industrial and commercial facilities, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. The area attracts businesses engaged in logistics, freight forwarding, and various industrial processes.

Transportation Connectivity:

Airport Industria enjoys excellent transportation connectivity, with easy access to major roadways such as the N2 highway. The proximity to the airport provides businesses with efficient air cargo services, enhancing the overall transportation infrastructure of the region.

Warehousing and Distribution:

The suburb is home to extensive warehousing and distribution facilities, making it an ideal location for businesses involved in storage, inventory management, and distribution operations. These facilities are crucial for the movement of goods both locally and internationally.

Employment Opportunities:

The industrial and commercial activities in Airport Industria contribute to employment opportunities for the local community. The diverse range of businesses operating in the area supports a variety of job roles and skills.

Global Connectivity:

With Cape Town International Airport nearby, businesses in Airport Industria benefit from global connectivity. The airport serves as a major gateway for international trade, allowing businesses to connect with markets around the world.

Security Measures:

Given the nature of industrial and logistical activities, security is a priority in Airport Industria. The area typically implements security measures to safeguard businesses, assets, and employees.

Supporting Industries:

The suburb is often associated with industries such as manufacturing, electronics, and logistics services. Supporting services, including maintenance, transportation, and administrative functions, thrive in the area to complement the primary industries.

Infrastructure and Utilities:

Airport Industria boasts well-developed infrastructure, including modern utilities, road networks, and access to essential services. This infrastructure supports the smooth operations of businesses within the suburb.

Strategic Business Location:

Businesses in Airport Industria benefit from the suburb's strategic location in relation to the airport, major transportation routes, and the Cape Town central business district. This strategic positioning enhances the efficiency of supply chain operations.

In summary, Airport Industria is a vital industrial and logistical zone that contributes significantly to the economic activity and trade in the Western Cape. Its strategic location, infrastructure, and connectivity make it a preferred choice for businesses engaged in various aspects of logistics, manufacturing, and distribution.

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2184sqm Warehouse to let in Airport Industrial
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2,184m² Warehouse To Let in Airport Industria

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Large warehouse to let in the well maintained and secure CTX Business Park, Airport Industrial. This warehouse...
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